Website Builder PLUS Guide

The process of creating a website includes three main stages: planning, implementation, and website updating or maintenance.


The first and most essential stage in any project is planning. Before starting with Web Builder Plus, think about the purpose of your website and its target audience. Then, you should develop a detailed structure of your future website and prepare its contents, including text information and graphics. The planning stage is extremely important because it eventually determines the usefulness of your website.

You can refer to our detailed document on Website Planning here >


The next stage is the implementation of your website. The five-step Web Builder Plus Wizard takes you through the entire procedure of creating your website, from initial design to publishing and maintenance. The following are the main steps required to create a website using Web Builder Plus:

1. Open the Web Builder Plus Wizard. You can start working with the Wizard without user authorization (no login and password needed).

Complete the first four Wizard steps.

Open the Publish tab. At this step, you will see detailed instructions about how to access your new website so that you can edit it. Your website created using the Web Builder Plus Wizard is saved as a trial site in a temporary storage directory on the Web Builder Plus server. On the Publish tab, you will see an automatically generated site identifier. Using this link to the trial website (which might look like http://site_identifier.Web, you can later return to your website, edit and publish it. We suggest changing the site identifier to a name you can easily remember (click Change My Site Identity).

After you purchase hosting services from your provider, you will be provided with a domain name. Tell the Web Builder Plus Administrator thedomain name where your website will be hosted. The Web Builder Plus Administrator will enter your domain name in the publish properties for your website in the Web Builder Plus Administrator Panel. After publication, your website will be available on the Internet.

Enter the link to your trial website in the address bar of the browser window. Your website will open in the browser window. Click Edit at the top of the website to launch the Web Builder Plus Wizard. Now you can edit the content of your website. After editing, click Publish. The updated content of your website will be transferred to the server where your website is hosted. After publication, your website will be available on the Internet.


When you complete the above steps, your website becomes available for visitors. It is important to keep your website content fresh because this is a good way to keep your website high in the search engine rankings, and also show your visitors that you invest time into updating your site and keeping knowledge up-to-date. Therefore, always be sure that your website is updated on a regular basis.

In Web Builder Plus, it is easy to keep your website content up-to-date. All you need to do is log into the Web Builder Plus using the website identifier that you chose, and your password, edit the content, and click Publish. Web Builder Plus will automatically transfer the updated content to your hosting location.