WordPress Customisation

Would you like your WordPress website to look elegant and unique? How about providing multi-lingual versions of your WordPress site for international visitors? Maybe you live in a country where several languages are spoken locally? We can customise your WordPress theme for you and give you the tools to show many different language versions!


WordPress Theme Customisation

WordPress Theme Customisation


We are licensed developers of the highly professional and attractive WordPress themes available at www.ElegantThemes.com.

This means that if you have a web hosting contract with us, we can customise a theme of your choosing and install it on our server for you, and we will do this for a flat-rate fee so there are no spiralling costs to worry about.

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Our customisation includes:

  • Uploading your logo, or creating a simple text-based logo for you to use if you do not have one already
  • Tweaking the colour scheme to match your preference, or existing corporate colour scheme
  • Uploading your photos to any slideshows or page previews (on the front page only)
  • Providing 30 days support in helping you use the theme, if you should encounter any problems



WordPress Multilingual Installation

WordPress Multilingual Installation


If you can supply the interpretations, we can set up the technology inside your WordPress website to give your visitors access to them! Through the intuitive interface we provide, you can add as many language translations as you are able to supply (maybe with a little help from your international friends).

For a flat-rate fee, we offer:

  • Extra boxes in your WordPress Administration area so you can add and manage the page translations
  • A special area where you can add translations for the “interface” parts of the site, which are not standard page content
  • An extra administrative page especially to choose the website settings related to multi-lingual content
  • A widget menu on the public pages of your website where visitors can choose their language from the selection you offer
  • 30 days support on your multi-lingual installation, in case you have any problems


To purchase either or both of these Add-Ons, please select them when buying your web hosting from us, or log in to Your Account if you already have an account, and click the Order Add-Ons button.  

NB: Prices are exclusive of VAT (currently at 20%)